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We sadly say goodbye to our fabulous Chef Graham who is leaving us to embark on a fantastic and exciting venture. Thankyou Graham and we wish you well 👋👨‍🍳 ⁦


Huge thanks to Paula ⁦⁦⁦ who had a long queue of TS staff eagerly queuing up for a well deserved tea break organised by the wonderful PTA and generous parents. THANKYOU! ⁦


What a fabulous tea break we had today! ⁦


More happy TS staff enjoying their tea, coffee and cakes. Thank you parents and wonderful PTA and Paula from ⁦⁩ ☕️🧁 ⁦


What a lovely surprise TS staff were treated to today from our wonderful parents. Gorgeous teas and coffees and yummy cakes. Thankyou for your generous treat ⁦⁦


⁩ kindly mentioned Twickenham School and Ms Ruse in her newsletter. It is always a pleasure to see her at TS and many thanks for your support on the judging panel. ⁦⁩ ⁦


Help is always at hand at TS, as shown by some wonderful Year 9 students who taught some Year 7s the colours in French during lunchtime today 🌈. Merci beaucoup et bravo! 👏 ⁦


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Checklist for : 1/ Spend at least 30 mins a day doing something I love 2/ Set clear boundaries with work/study 3/ Check in with someone close to me 4/ Journal for 5-10 mins three times a week 5/ Explore my nearest green space


Lovely messages of thanks and support keep coming in - “Thank you for the 5 years, for all your dedication and hard work”. Team Twickenham making us proud! It is down to our amazing students and school community. Thank you TS families.


Year 11 students developing field sketching as a qualitative data technique today in school. Impressive skills everyone 👏 ⁦


Posters created and presented by Y10 students in science today. Wonderful to see so much detail 🧪 ⁦


Another lovely parent message: “Alfie is the series leader in the Bridgestone Nationals...and he also won the first round of the British championship. Thank you for your support.” We are proud to celebrate our student successes! ⁦⁦


We love receiving messages from parents that make us proud to be part of the TS family. Here is a lovely one we received this week: “Thank you for your continued support. *** has thrived and grown throughout his time with you”


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students proud to be graduating yesterday. Challenging ourselves and persevering is the key to success!


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A quick game of dodgeball after the Year 10 mock exams!


students proud to be graduating yesterday. Challenging ourselves and persevering is the key to success!


Ms Ruse was delighted to receive good news today! Twickenham School pupil Sam Newbold has been accepted to do a 4 year engineering apprenticeship with ⁦⁩ Teddington. Congratulations Sam 👏 ⁦ l#proudteachers


Very impressive balancing from our Year 9 girls. No signs of wobbling!


Science lessons at Twickenham School always bring out a smile!


Year 10 students have been studying light diffraction using diffraction glasses kindly gifted by 🕶. ⁦



Quote: ‘History can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves, and of our common humanity, so that we can better face the future.’ – Robert Penn Warren

KS3 broadly follows a national curriculum model and covers c1000 years of history. This allows student to study both breadth and depth studies as well as develop their critical thinking and historical source skills.    KS4 covers a thematic study to understand change and continuity across a long sweep of history, including the most significant characteristics from different ages in paper 1. A period and British depth Study in Paper 2, focuses on a substantial and coherent time span, to allow study of the complexity of society / historical situation and the interplay of different aspects within it. Modern Depth Study paper 3 again focuses on a substantial and coherent time span, to allow study of the complexity of society / historical situation using different historical interpretations. Our aims are to:

  • build on prior learning in primary school and at KS3 in order to develop a life-long passion and enthusiasm for history
  • develop students’ understanding of the history of Britain and the events that shaped it. Develop students’ understanding the role Britain played in key events in world history
  • develop students’ understanding of historical concepts such as cause and consequence and change and continuity
  • develop students’ skills to interrogate a range of historical material and sources
  • encourage all students to consider further study of history or history related subject such as politics at post-16 and beyond
  • develop students’ interest in history in the wider world through activities such as discussion, links to world events and history in the news

Teaching will happen in mixed ability groups with years KS3 usually being taught in form groups and KS4 taught in option groups


Edexcel GCSE and GCE 2014 (

Unit 1 pages 11-14

Unit 2 pages 24-25 and 32-33

Unit 3 pages 40-41


Curriculum Sequence



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


An introduction to the skills of an Historian. Use of evidence to investigate the mystery of Jack the Ripper. Introduction to the evaluation of historical evidence and time terms




Romans – Journey to Rome project. An investigation to life in 2nd century BCE Rome, Getting to Rome, health and hygiene, entertainment and the role of the empire in trade


The Norman Conquest. Anglo- the Causes and events of the Norman Invasion in 1066. The Battle of Hastings and the outcome of the battle

Life in Medieval England, The short term impact of the Norma Conquest. Harrying of the North, rebellions and the establishment of castles as a means of control


Change and development in castle design. Life in Norman England, Town v village life.


Key events in medieval England, The Black Death, Peasants revolt and an enquiry into the interpretations of king John and the magna Carta  


Contextualising the Transatlantic Slave trade. The Coulson Statue and the legacy of empire in context of BLM.

Middle Passage and plantation life.



Resistance and rebellion, abolition and the role of the Black Soldier in the American Civil War and the fight for Freedom and emancipation


Elizabeth – Golden Age

Problems on accession – legitimacy, debt, female monarch. Propaganda & imagery

Religious  Settlement


Elizabeth – problems home and abroad – MQS and Spanish threat


Life in Tudor England



Sport & Leisure


The Industrial Revolution

Living condition and public health: Cholera

Factory life and child labour


Britain and WW1 – Recruitment including Empire soldiers, life in the trenches, weapons of WW1.



Treaty of Versailles

A role play  to look at the aims and outcomes of the Peace Treaty in 1919

The struggle for the female vote.

The aims, methods and tactics of the Suffragists v the Suffragettes. The growth of militancy and the role of women in WW1 leading the Vote in 1918


The Homefront in WW2.

Investigation of the ‘Blitz Spirit’ and the experience of Blitz, evacuation and living through the war

Life in Nazi Germany and persecution of minorities. The Holocaust

Start GCSE teaching:

Medicine through Time. Paper 1

Cause and treatment of disease.

Four humours & Hippocrates and Galen, medieval treatments and Black Death



Medicine through Time. Paper 1

Cause, treatment & prevention of disease in Renaissance (1500-1700)  & Industrial times (1700-1900).



Medicine through Time. Paper 1

Cause, treatment & prevention of disease in 1900- present.


Development of Surgery


Historic Environment  Paper 1

Treatment of wounds on the Western Front.


Early Elizabethan England Paper 2.

Problems on accession, RE Settlement, challenges to RE settlement.

Mary Queen of Scots 


Early Elizabethan England Paper 2.

The Netherlands, Problems from abroad: Spanish Armada

The voyages of exploration, Tudor life, Education, poverty, pass times   –


Weimar and Nazi Germany. Paper 3

Setting up of Weimar Republic.

Problems faced by Weimar Left & Right



Weimar and Nazi Germany. Paper 3

Economic problems, Stresemann and Golden years.

Early years & development of Nazi


How did Hitler become Chancellor

And dictator?

Life in Nazi Germany. Police state & control

Youth, Women, minorities and opposition



Superpower relations and the Cold War. Paper 2

Reasons for CW & Early tensions – conferences, E. Europe, T doc, M Aid, Comicon & Cominform, Berlin Blockade & NATO



Superpower relations and the Cold War. Paper 2

Hungary, Cuba & Czech crisis’s.

Détente, Afghanistan, Reagan & Gorbachev – end of CW



END of course – revision & skills




Revision /  exam