Language is the door. Reading is the key.

The mastery of language is essential. We want to develop our students’ grasp of language, because the extent of their language skills largely determines their educational outcomes and life chances.

Students who read for pleasure make significantly more progress in vocabulary, spelling and maths than children who read very little

(Sullivan and Brown 2013).

Regular reading is proven to:

• Improve vocabulary, spelling, writing and speaking skills

• Develop imagination, empathy and critical-thinking skills

• Improve mental health and increase confidence

• Be fun and enjoyable

Guidance for Parents and Top Tips

We recommend that all students are encouraged to read for pleasure for a minimum of 15-30 minutes per night. It is important that your child is reading a suitable book. Below is a suggested reading list.

Students can borrow books from our school Library which is open every breaktime and lunchtime. We expect all students to always have a reading book in their bag.

Many students say that they get distracted when trying to read, and this is where you as parents can support them in establishing helpful routines, For example: Insist reading is completed before rewarding screen time. Alternatively, ensure reading is completed in bed before sleep: this is much healthier than looking at a screen before going to sleep and will also improve sleep quality. Also ask your child questions on what they have been reading to encourage them and check comprehension.

If your child is a reluctant reader:

· Try listening to the book on Audible or borrowing audio recordings from the library

· Read along with your child – for example, take it in turns to read a chapter or paragraph

· Read the book and then watch the film together

· Set achievable goals with small rewards

· Take your child to the bookshop or the library to choose a book together





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