Staff List

A full list of Twickenham School staff can be found below:

Leadership Team

Title Name Position
Mr Jonathon Lisseman Headteacher
Mrs  Sarah Bromly Deputy Headteacher
Mr Duncan Grantham Assistant Headteacher
Ms Nicola Green Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Kathryn Thackery Assistant Headteacher
Ms  Samantha Martin  Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mr  Christopher Stiff Associate Assistant Headteacher


Heads of Department


Title Name Position
Mr Jason Stockwell Head of English
Mr  Duncan Grantham Head of Mathematics
Mrs Beata Bablova Head of Science
Ms Myriam Tonella Head of MFL
Mrs Kathryn Thackeray Head of Creative & Performing Arts
Ms Samantha Martin Head of History
Mr Patrick Fennell Head of Business Studies
Mr Christopher Stiff Head of Personal Development & Citizenship
Mr Jonny Hayes Head of Physical Education
Mr  Christopher Tabron Head of Geography & Religious Studies

Heads of Year

Title Name Position
Mr Ajay Bangari Head of Year 7
Ms Gemma Goodwin Head of Year 8
Ms Catherine Riordan Head of Year 9
Ms Samantha Martin Head of Year 10
Ms Julie Johnson Head of Year 11


Title Name Position
Mrs Jenna Good SENDCO
Ms Jane Johnson Assistant to Sendco


Title Name Position
Ms Nicola Green Designated Safeguarding Lead 
Mrs  Sarah Bromly Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mr Jonathon Lisseman Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Ms Liz Newling-Ward Inclusion Officer
Ms Josie Lewis Inclusion Officer

Parent-facing Support Staff

Title Name Position
Ms Holly Clapham Attendance Officer
Ms Laura Hales PA to the Headteacher

Premises Team

Title Name Position
Mr Cliff Schubert Premises Manager
Mr  Chris Parrott Premises Assistant

Teaching Staff

Title Name Position
Ms Fatima Ahmed Science Teacher
Mr  Michael Asumda Science Teacher
Mr Ajay  Bangari Maths / Business Teacher
Mrs  Sarah Bromly Food Technology Teacher
Mr Mark Chanter Art Teacher
Mrs Claire Charlton English Teacher
Ms Georgina Clark English Teacher
Mrs Louise Damant PDC Teacher
Ms Veerle Dekesel English Teacher
Ms Jill Downes MFL Teacher
Mr Patrick Fennell Business Studies Teacher
Mrs Jenna Good Dance Teacher
Ms Gemma Goodwin PE Teacher
Mr  Duncan Grantham Maths Teacher
Ms Lucy Green English & Drama Teacher
Ms Nicola Green RS Teacher
Mr Jonny Hayes PE Teacher
Mr Brian He Science Teacher
Ms  Monica Horta English Teacher
Mr Nick Hughes Geography Teacher
Mr Shabaz Iqbal Science Teacher
Mr Victor Inesta Maths Teacher
Ms Julie Johnson PE Teacher
Ms Luisa Lajolo Maths Teacher
Ms Samantha Martin History Teacher
Mr John Meinke Science Teacher
Mr Joshua Partridge PE Teacher
Ms Catherine Riordan History Teacher
Mr James Salmon History Teacher
Ms Katie Sheldrick Maths Teacher
Ms Manisha Singh DT Teacher
Mr Christopher Stiff MFL Teacher
Mr Jason Stockwell English Teacher
Mr Christopher Tabron Geography & RS Teacher
Mrs  Kathryn Thackeray Drama Teacher
Ms Myriam Tonella MFL Teacher
Ms Petra Voniatis Music Teacher

Support Staff

Title Name Position
Mrs Marie Armstrong Finance Officer
Ms Catharine Arnold Art Technician
Ms Holly Clapham Attendance Officer
Ms Stephanie Greenleaf Administrator
Mrs Jo Gunning Teaching Assistant
Ms Laura Hales PA to Headteacher
Mrs  Jane Johnson Assistant to Sendco
Ms Josie Lewis Inclusion Officer
Mrs  Claire McCallum Science Technician
Mr Alan Mitchell Teaching Assistant
Ms  Liz Newling Ward Inclusion Officer
Mr  Christopher Parrott Premises Assistant
Mrs  Nicky Philippou HR Manager 
Mrs  Patricia Sharp Reprographics Assistant
Mrs  Zillah Smith Exams & Admissions Officer
Mr Graham Tranter IT Technician
Mr Paul White Premises Manager




Year 9
I’m proud to be part of TS. As a year 9 student starting the transition to GCSE, we are supported by our teachers to make the best choices and I feel confident I will achieve my potential.


Year 8
My favourite thing about our school is how all our lessons are practical, fun and interesting whilst teaching me about the world.


Year 9
The best part about school is the positive environment. Being in class boosts my confidence and I never feel on my own as I have great teachers and friends to support me.


Year 8
I love school because it is a place where everyone is motivated to learn and try new things you never thought you could do. I have encouraging teachers that always push me to try my best.


Year 8
I really benefit from the extra-curricular clubs at school. I’ve never felt confident in sports until I started play basketball and have gained so much from being part of a team.


- Nov 27
🥋 "On Friday our students took part in a Master Learner trip to @busen_trust in Twickenham to learn key judo skills and when to use them! Thanks to the great instructors at Bu'Sen" ~ Mr Hayes— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) November 27, 2023
- Nov 25
Here's part one of a series of fantastic headshots of our Annie actors, photo credit goes to Hermione - Great job! 📸#actor #acting #schoolplay #schoolproduction #twickenham #hounslow #feltham #whitton #richmond @bournetrust— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) November 25, 2023
- Nov 24
This week we've been transported back to 1930s New York by our spectacular school production of Annie Junior! A massive well done to all the actors, dancers, stage crew, creative team, directors and volunteers - thank you to everyone who helped this dream show a reality!— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) November 24, 2023
- Nov 23
Our Year 9 artists have been practicing typography, focusing on form, colour and 3D effects to make their fonts really stand out! 🎨#typography #font #graffiti #art #twickenham #hounslow #whitton #feltham #richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) November 23, 2023
- Nov 22
⚽ “Our U13 Boys have secured their place in the third round of the national football cup with an exciting 6-5 win. A fantastic achievement, and we wish them well in their next game!” ~ Mr Partridge ⚽— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) November 22, 2023
- Nov 21
"Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!" Our students were transfixed by an incredible performance of Macbeth by @OrangeTreeThtr - thank you for such an inspiring and impressive production!#Aspire #Achieve #Enjoy #Twickenham— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) November 21, 2023
- Nov 20
Congratulations to Laura, Yasmin, Zainab & Suhana (Year 11) who competed in the Rotary Chef competition at Waldegrave School. The Richmond Mayor was present to sample the food and applauded the high level of skill demonstrated. We couldn`t be prouder of them!@LBRUTMayor— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) November 20, 2023
- Nov 18
Anti-Bullying Week has seen assemblies, tutor activities and even a bake sale dedicated this year's theme: 'MAKE A NOISE ABOUT BULLYING!'#antibullyingweek #twickenham #hounslow #whitton #feltham #richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) November 18, 2023
- Nov 17
Introducing the main cast of Annie! We're really looking forward to our upcoming shows and seeing all the incredible talents of our actors, musicians and creative team. Tickets are available on sQuid - get yours before they run out!#theatre #acting #twickenham #hounslow— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) November 17, 2023
- Nov 15
Calling all TS artists...There are just 2 weeks left to get your designs submitted! So read the instructions on the poster, stick on Wham! (is it too early?) and get your Christmas creativity on! 🎄#christmascard #artists #twickenham #whitton #hounslow #richmond #feltham— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) November 15, 2023
- Nov 14
"In Maths we've been working on algebra. Mr Partridge has been showing us how to group like terms to simplify equations." ~ Zayn, Year 7#mathematics #maths #twickenham #hounslow #whitton #feltham #richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) November 14, 2023
- Nov 13
♟️Fancy yourself a #grandmaster? Beat our Chess Club President, Ryan, and you'll be well on the way! Chess Club is every Friday lunchtime in S72♟️#chess #twickenham #hounslow #whitton #feltham— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) November 13, 2023
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