Home school agreement

We encourage parents/carers to be involved in their child’s learning and the wider life of the school from the start:

  • We ask parents and students to sign a home-school agreement. 
  • Information is shared with parents via the school website.  
  • We encourage all parents to make sure they have given us an email address and their mobile number – this enables parents to receive information.  As well as improving communication, it helps to reduce the amount of paper we send home. 
  • The PTA meets half-termly and meetings are attended by a member of the School’s Senior Leadership Team. 
  • We encourage parent feedback through regular surveys at parent consultation evenings. 
  • We encourage parents to use a note in their child’s planner as a means of communicating with subject staff. If a child is absent from School the reason for the absence must be confirmed in writing to the form tutor and we encourage the use of the planner for this purpose 


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