Curriculum overview

Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum supports our motto: Aspire, Achieve, Enjoy. A culture of high expectations for all which cultivates a love of learning and ambition for success. We create and empower successful lifelong learners who believe they can achieve, whilst building their cultural capital; inspiring and enabling them to make a lasting and positive contribution to future societies worldwide.


KS 4 Revision guides and workbook information 

The Curriculum Intent has been developed based on educational research to ensure the composite end points are broken down into small components. The meticulous sequencing of every component builds appropriately on what has been learned before including in Key Stage 2. This is crucial so students are able to develop long term learning. This is constantly reviewed to meet the needs of every learner.

Our curriculum is implemented so students are supported and encouraged to grow in confidence and self-belief through Quality First teaching based on Rosenshine`s Principles of Instruction. If students are to become leaders of their own learning they must keep an open mind, enjoy hard work, and be curious about the world in which they live. Students will be stretched in their lessons to take risks, take on new challenges and develop creativity. They will achieve their aspirations through high standards of teaching, deep learning and leadership. 

Our Master Learner Programme aims to inspire student ambition through the curriculum, inside and outside of the classroom and guide their transition to further study. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff provide enrichment experiences and opportunities to ensure students thrive. High challenge, personalised support coupled with an ambitious supra curriculum for the highest achievers ensures personal growth and accelerated learning. Opportunities include A Level Maths tutoring with Hampton Boys, The Brilliant Club Scholars’ Programme, Author masterclasses, Academic scholarships.

Strategic Intent

To develop a curriculum which:

  • Is expertly designed and sequenced which will enable students to embrace opportunities beyond the curriculum to develop their love of learning
  • Provides a rigorous academic curriculum that is challenging, accessible and all students will make accelerated progress
  • Is differentiated with different pathways for specific groups of students eg. disadvantaged, most vulnerable and most able.
  • Is underpinned by our belief in the limitless potential of every student
  • Empowers students to value their education.
  • Embodies high expectations and challenge in order to build resilience and confidence so they are ready to contribute to a rapidly changing society
  • Maintains the highest standards of numeracy and literacy across the curriculum
  • Supports student’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development & promotes the fundamental British Values
  • Provides an aspirational culture with personal careers guidance to enable students to make ambitious post-16 choices.

Curriculum Implementation

  • Curriculum training is at the heart of the Continued Professional Development programme
  • The implementation of our challenging curriculum is centred around Rosenshine`s Principles of Instruction which is used to support Quality First Teaching
  • Information is embedded into long term memory through a variety of retrieval practice activities including regular low stakes testing, the opportunity to revisit and build upon prior learning, and carefully sequenced activities using principles of interweaving, interleaving and mixed practice.
  • Curriculum leaders are experts in their subject areas and work together so strong links are formed cross – curricular throughout the school
  • Ensure that assessment points are well planned with a high priority on low stakes testing.
  • Cold Calling and Deep Questioning are key features in lessons
  • Extra-Curricular opportunities are at the heart of the curriculum.

Curriculum Impact

  • The curriculum is at the heart of all staff training to ensure the best outcomes for all groups of students
  • Enjoyment of the expertly planned curriculum will promote achievement, confidence and outstanding behaviour for learning
  • Our curriculum will enable students to become good citizens and demonstrate an appreciation for each other, the school community and the world.
  • The wider enrichment and extra-curricular programme will have supported the development of every student, giving them the cultural capital to be successful in the next stage of their education and career development
  • Subject leaders make intelligent use of assessment to inform curriculum design
  • Aspirations will have been raised so every student leaves Twickenham School knowing that they can be successful in whatever they want to achieve in life
  • The curriculum delivery has improved reading, writing and numeracy.

For further information about the curriculum at Twickenham School, please contact Mrs Bromly: 


Curriculum Documents Date  
Autumn Master Learner Calendar 2023 19th Oct 2023 Download
Spring Master Learner Calendar 2024 29th Jan 2024 Download


- Apr 17
Our Year 8s have been creating mazes! Here they are painting the bases and getting prepared for the obstacles to be put in, ready for the ball bearings to navigate 🪚🖌️#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 17, 2024
- Apr 16
Event Parking is available now for the Red Roses vs Ireland game! 🏉Click the link here: @Womens6Nations#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond #TwickenhamStadium #Rugby #WomensSixNations— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 16, 2024
- Apr 15
Twickenham School are returning to Austria in 2025 🥳! This trip is open to students currently in Year 7-9. To book a place on the trip (4th-11th April 2025), please pay the deposit on SQUID before 19th April! 🎿— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 15, 2024
- Apr 15
Happy World Art Day! Here's only a small selection of our incredible artists hard at work...🎨🖼️#WorldArtDay #TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 15, 2024
- Apr 14
The Summer Term is nearly here, but before we get stuck in - it's time to reflect on the Spring Term! We're excited to welcome you all back and we wish all the best for our Year 11s taking GCSEs!#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 14, 2024
- Apr 10
On behalf of the Twickenham School community, we extend our warmest wishes for a joyous Eid to all our families observing this festival! 🌙✨#Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 10, 2024
- Apr 8
Year 9 Design Technology class used hacksaws cut the pieces for their lamp project, which they'll be finishing up next term!🪚💡#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 8, 2024
- Apr 7
“To build up their A-Level portfolios, the Year 12 students have been looking at a variety of artists to build inspiration to develop their own unique style of portraiture. 🖼️ ” - Mr Cao#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 7, 2024
- Apr 3
Samaa in Year 11 has been working the theme of places and spaces, and has been creating moody scenes using block colours in acrylic paint 🎨#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 3, 2024
- Mar 31
Today is Easter Sunday, a religious observance for Christians worldwide. This occasion marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a time for family gatherings and gratitude!We extend our heartfelt wishes for a happy and restful Easter to all families celebrating! 🌟🐰— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) March 31, 2024
- Mar 28
"The library is a busy hive of activity every Wednesday morning when the Year 10 Reading Leaders read with our Year 7 students!" - 📚#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) March 28, 2024
- Mar 27
Mehra in Year 11 has been inspired by the iconic artist, Van Gogh! She has been creating her own impressionist pieces! Do you have a favourite artist that has inspired your work? 🎨#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) March 27, 2024
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