At Twickenham School we believe that dress and presentation help to create good personal standards. Parents and carers are therefore requested to give their full support to the school in adhering to the range of clothing recommended to help ensure that all time at school is positive and productive.

It is especially important that uniform is correctly worn by students on the way to and from school. The school uniform is the corporate identity that links students to Twickenham School and all that it stands for. Students who arrive at school incorrectly dressed may be sent home to rectify the matter.

Throughout the school day we expect to see that:

  • Ties are done up to the collar and are of the appropriate length  
  • Top buttons are fastened  
  • Shirts are tucked into school trousers and skirts  
  • Make-up, this must be ‘subtle’ and unnoticeable 
  • The uniform code, including footwear, is correctly followed. 

Where to purchase our school uniform 

All of the Twickenham School uniform is available to purchase at: 

Supplier Contact details
School Days & Just Dancing

Address: 94 High Street, Whitton, TW2 7LN. Tel: 0208 898 4881 Email: shop@schooldaysllp.co.uk Website: https://www.schooldaysllp.co.uk

Please note: The new school tie for all year groups (7 – 11) priced £8.00 from School Days in Whitton .

School uniform details:

Item Notes
Skirt Plain black skirt (no shorter than 2 inches above the knee)
Tights Must be plain black without patterns
Socks Must be plain black or white, below the knee. No trainer socks or slipper socks
Trousers and shorts Boys' and girls' trousers must be plain black school trousers worn appropriately, not below the hip or tucked into socks. Underwear should not be visible, jeans, skinny jeans, jogging bottoms leggings or coloured belts should are not allowed. In the summer boys may wear tailored, black shorts.
Shirt and Blazer White long or short sleeved shirt, school tie and plain black blazer with school logo. Blazer sleeves should not be rolled up, if necessary they can be tailored to fit. Twickenham School jumper or cardigan may be worn under the blazer (but not alone).
Footwear Plain, black formal polishable shoes of leather material. If laces are worn they must be black. No heels, studs or diamante, trainers or toe caps. No canvas or slipper style, Vans, Converse or 'Vans' style shoes.
Tie Must be tied with a suitable knot such as a half or full Windsor. The length of the tie should be near or touching the waistband of the skirt or trousers
PE Kit Notes
Compulsory kit Twickenham School sky polo shirt; Twickenham School navy shorts or skirt; Twickenham School sky socks (please see Tutor for house colour); appropriate sporting footwear
Additional PE items Twickenham School 3/4 navy zip fleece; Twickenham School navy tracksuit pants; Twickenham School navy leggings; any thermal base layer/skin; gum shield (for rugby); football boots (for rugby and football)
Other unacceptable styles for school
Outerwear - Hoods and hats should not be worn inside the building
Jewellery - Facial piercings are not permitted in any year group (e.g. nose, eyebrow). A single set of plain silver or gold stud earrings may be worn. Ear tunnels or spikes are not permitted. Pendants or chains should be discreet and worn inside collars. Rings and bracelets are not permitted
Hair, nails and make-up - Hair must be a conventional colour (black, brown, auburn, blonde). No extremes of fashion e.g, crew cuts, tramlines or cuts shorter than grade 2. No nail extensions or false nails; no nail polish. Make-up must be subtle and not noticeable


No student is allowed to have temporary or semi-permanent tattoos in any visible position (including visible during PE). Permanent tattoos are of course illegal for anyone under the age of 18 (Tattooing of Minors Act 1969), so we would assume that no student will come to school displaying one of these.      

The school reserves the right to send students home to correct infringements of uniform and appearance rules, in line with the School Behaviour Policy, Home School Agreement and current exclusion guidance.




Year 9
I’m proud to be part of TS. As a year 9 student starting the transition to GCSE, we are supported by our teachers to make the best choices and I feel confident I will achieve my potential.


Year 8
My favourite thing about our school is how all our lessons are practical, fun and interesting whilst teaching me about the world.


Year 9
The best part about school is the positive environment. Being in class boosts my confidence and I never feel on my own as I have great teachers and friends to support me.


Year 8
I love school because it is a place where everyone is motivated to learn and try new things you never thought you could do. I have encouraging teachers that always push me to try my best.


Year 8
I really benefit from the extra-curricular clubs at school. I’ve never felt confident in sports until I started play basketball and have gained so much from being part of a team.
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