Friends of Twickenham School

Friends of Twickenham School are instrumental in raising vital funds for the school and do this by organising many worthwhile events and activities throughout the year. However, the fundraising can only be achieved with the active involvement and participation of our families, staff and friends. We are always looking for more help and so we invite you – parents, carers, guardians and staff - to join us in whatever capacity you can!

In a normal year, we raise over £6000, all of which gets reinvested into the school! In previous years, we have bought GCSE curriculum and exam equipment, resources for enrichment clubs, sports kits and table tennis tables. Most recently we have contributed substantially towards textbooks and science equipment. Literally, every penny counts!

As well as raising funds, we try to provide some refreshments at parents’ evenings and other events hosted in and by the school to help make our families and other visitors feel welcome.


The Friends of Twickenham School have been operating successfully now for six years and we have already gained a reputation in the local community for holding great annual events and staging other initiatives, including comedy nights, rock and roll bingo, quiz nights, our annual Christmas tree sale, car parking for the rugby, running stalls at local fairs and organising an art exhibition for our GCSE students! 

Twickenham Rugby Parking

We would love it if any visiting rugby fans park with us! We are able to offer secure gated parking for up to 83 cars, 3 MPVs and 1 Coach within the school grounds for rugby matches and events held at Twickenham Stadium. This is a massive opportunity for us to raise more funds for the school and is operated by an army of parent volunteers, so we always need your help!

Please visit our dedicated Rugby parking page using the menu on the left-hand side or by clicking here: Rugby Parking - Twickenham School


How often do we meet?

There is a Friends meeting at least once a term, clearly advertised via school email and the Parents of Twickenham School Facebook group (see below). Meetings aren’t essential to attend, but they do give opportunity to discuss how to allocate funds and plan future events. Everyone is welcome to attend. Meetings only last an hour and are always planned to take place in the evening to allow working parents to come. We are a very friendly group and a great mix of families with students ranging from year 7 to year 11.

We need you!

It is paramount that the Friends of Twickenham School continues to grow a stronger team each year to keep events running and to maintain our support for the school. Please get involved, offering as much or as little time as you can. Attendance at meetings is helpful but not essential. We promise you that any volunteering you do will be an effective and positive way of helping you feel more integrated into Twickenham School.

‘Parents of Twickenham School’ Facebook group

Please join our closed Facebook page, ‘Parents of Twickenham School’ – it’s a great platform for communicating information, asking questions and celebrating our children; it will also help you connect with other families and make you feel included in the life of the school.

How to contact us

Should you have any questions and ideas, or just want to come on board and help out, please don’t hesitate to contact us; we would love to hear from you!

Please email for the attention of:

  • Sarah Brindley (Chair)
  • Justine Fisher (Treasurer)
  • Miranda Brennan (Secretary)

or general enquiries via the following email address:


- Apr 17
Our Year 8s have been creating mazes! Here they are painting the bases and getting prepared for the obstacles to be put in, ready for the ball bearings to navigate 🪚🖌️#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 17, 2024
- Apr 16
Event Parking is available now for the Red Roses vs Ireland game! 🏉Click the link here: @Womens6Nations#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond #TwickenhamStadium #Rugby #WomensSixNations— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 16, 2024
- Apr 15
Twickenham School are returning to Austria in 2025 🥳! This trip is open to students currently in Year 7-9. To book a place on the trip (4th-11th April 2025), please pay the deposit on SQUID before 19th April! 🎿— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 15, 2024
- Apr 15
Happy World Art Day! Here's only a small selection of our incredible artists hard at work...🎨🖼️#WorldArtDay #TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 15, 2024
- Apr 14
The Summer Term is nearly here, but before we get stuck in - it's time to reflect on the Spring Term! We're excited to welcome you all back and we wish all the best for our Year 11s taking GCSEs!#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 14, 2024
- Apr 10
On behalf of the Twickenham School community, we extend our warmest wishes for a joyous Eid to all our families observing this festival! 🌙✨#Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 10, 2024
- Apr 8
Year 9 Design Technology class used hacksaws cut the pieces for their lamp project, which they'll be finishing up next term!🪚💡#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 8, 2024
- Apr 7
“To build up their A-Level portfolios, the Year 12 students have been looking at a variety of artists to build inspiration to develop their own unique style of portraiture. 🖼️ ” - Mr Cao#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 7, 2024
- Apr 3
Samaa in Year 11 has been working the theme of places and spaces, and has been creating moody scenes using block colours in acrylic paint 🎨#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) April 3, 2024
- Mar 31
Today is Easter Sunday, a religious observance for Christians worldwide. This occasion marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a time for family gatherings and gratitude!We extend our heartfelt wishes for a happy and restful Easter to all families celebrating! 🌟🐰— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) March 31, 2024
- Mar 28
"The library is a busy hive of activity every Wednesday morning when the Year 10 Reading Leaders read with our Year 7 students!" - 📚#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) March 28, 2024
- Mar 27
Mehra in Year 11 has been inspired by the iconic artist, Van Gogh! She has been creating her own impressionist pieces! Do you have a favourite artist that has inspired your work? 🎨#TwickenhamSchool #AspireAchieveEnjoy #Twickenham #Whitton #Hounslow #Feltham #Richmond— Twickenham School (@Twickenhamsch) March 27, 2024
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