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Tutor days for 9KTH and 9ACO.


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Well done Hattie! What an inspirational young lady!


Ex student Summer Brenchley has produced this amazing portrait of our Mr Jonny Logue . Such talent Summer !


Today we welcomed back the first of our KS3 Tutor Groups. 9KTH are having a welcome back talk by Ms Ruse and Miss Scott followed by a rewards assembly.


More pictures from inside school today .


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A visit to a UCAS exhibition will give your students the chance to meet universities, colleges, and apprenticeship providers, all under one roof. Book your free places for our rescheduled autumn events.


Today 10SIQ are in school. Welcome back students.


And our Harry Munslow (Year 10) won 3rd place in the Richmond Digital Regional. Initially chosen as 1 of 2 from his whole school to then 1 of 3 from his whole borough! What an achievement!


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Life during lockdown 1: the Science Dept has been mainly looking at (and listening to) BIRDS


And our second speaker Harry Munslow (Year 10) delivering a powerful and poetic new outlook!


Our Hannah McCallum-Benson (Year 10) opening the show of the Jack Petchey Regional Final! So proud!


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Our incredible helpline team have been working tirelessly throughout lockdown to ensure every child is safe and heard. As a special token of appreciation are offering free meals to our amazing helpline staff 💚. Thank you .


Year 10 students in school today.


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PLEASE RT: As our busy period approaches we will not be able to accept any walk- in customers due to restricted numbers allowed in the shop.


10SDH and 10NBR are reunited in school today as part of the TS family. Ms Ruse asked them to describe their feelings: happy, cheerful, excited, confident, tired, motivated, dedicated. A positive start Year 10. Enjoy your day students.


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Calling all year 10 students! We are ready to accept applications for our sixth form. We are rated the no. 1 state sixth form for student process in Richmond for the last two years and we love our sixth form students - come and join us.


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[NEWS] Groups of young people are congregating on banks of the River in the borough, and are putting themselves at risk by jumping into the . People are being warned not to gamble with their lives by jumping into the River. Find out more➡️


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Our new briefing looks at the impact Covid-19 is having on families & children. With reduced support structures and safeguards around children, research shows that children are at greater risk of abuse. But there are solutions. Find out more:


Wishing our Year 10s Harry Munslow and Hannah McCallum-Benson the best of luck in their Jack Petchy Speak Out! Digital Final this evening.


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In memory of our wonderful Mr Logue, today is his funeral in Glasgow. Please take a moment today to remember what a great motivational teacher he was to our children. May he rest in peace and sing to us from the stars.

Computer Science


What we will do:

The Twickenham School Computer Science Department will follow the whole school policy for curriculum provision. In addition to this, the computer science department will also:

The key concepts of computational thinking – for example, thought process, abstraction, decomposition, algorithmic thinking, evaluation and generalisation – are embedded throughout the course.

By teaching the broader principles of computing – for example, binary, iteration in programming and computer architecture, we will be developing students’ computational thinking abilities. And, by developing students’ computational thinking abilities, we will provide them with the problem solving tools to approach programming tasks with confidence and to make the outcomes meaningful. We have therefore selected programming languages appropriate to the task and which facilitate teaching the concepts, rather than teaching a range of languages.

Specialist teaching

Key Stage 3

For years 7 to 9 students are taught as a carousel amongst two other subjects and each complete one full term of computer science taught by a Computer Science teacher

Twickenham School Computer Science Department delivers key stage 3 across three years in years 7, 8 and 9. The curriculum fully complies with the national curriculum and is sequenced to ensure that topics are delivered in a logical way in order to develop students’ knowledge and skills. The curriculum is also being developed to ensure early introduction on knowledge and skills relevant to GCSE Computer Science, for example, by introducing some of the programming language such as python.

Year 7   - Introduction to Scratch Programming –  learning to

  1. Remember how to input values into scratch, where our inputs are stored and how to output values onto the screen
  2. Remember how computers store data
  3. Remember how computers make decisions
  4. Understand how computers may use more than 1 variable
  5. Understand how operators work in scratch
  • Understand the hardware and software components that make up computer systems, and how they communicate with one another and with other systems

Year 8 – The students in Y8 will learn the binary system

  • Understand the binary number system
  • Understand how to add binary number together
  • Understand that computers ONLY KNOW BINARY
  • Understand that in a computer system, characters are represented by binary numbers
  • Introduction to Python – students learn to
  • what know Python is
  • how to program outputs in python,
  • how to program inputs in python,
  • the need to store inputs and inputs into variables in python

Year 9 – Students will learn to understand computer networks by

  • Understand what a network is
  • Understand what advantages and disadvantages networking brings
  • Understand the devices needed to produce a computer network
    • Understand the difference between a LAN and a WAN
    • Understand what the internet actually is
    • Understand how data travels around the internet

Build on Python skills by

  • Revise how programs make decisions
  • Revise how to program IF statements
  • Understand how to program multiple IF Statements
  • Understand what a loop is in a program and where we may use one each time we go on the computer.
  • Understand how to program a while loop in program


Key Stage 4


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Problem Solving

Describe what an Algorithm is and what they are used for

Express Algorithms as Flowcharts and Pseudo code

Decomposition and Abstraction



Explain the difference between Algorithms and programs

Code an Algorithm in a High level language

Describe the characteristics of data types

Use Sequence, Selection and Iteration


Explain why computers use Binary to represent data and program instructions

Describe how computers represent and manipulate numbers

Convert between Binary and Denary whole numbers 0-255


Describe the Input – Process – Output model

Describe the function of Hardware components of a computer system

Construct Truth tables for a given Logic statement


Describe the different types of Networks and usage models

Describe the characteristics of Network topology:




Describe why Network security is important

Describe what the internet is and how it is structured

Big picture

Explain how the manufacture use and disposal of computing technology damages the environment

Explain why computing technology poses a threat to privacy





Problem solving





Big Picture