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Scrabble Club every Monday lunchtime. Everyone welcome!


Lab in a Lorry, an interactive mobile Science Laboratory staffed by practising scientists and engineers, is in our playground today. Students in Years 9 and 10 are making full use of the experience.


Updates on Coronavirus: Travel advice for those travelling and living overseas: Public Health England blog:


Cookery Club Crepes


This meeting is now cancelled. If you would like further information about the trip please email Miss Harkin


Families of students in Year 9,10 and 11, considering sending their child on the Cambodia trip in 2021 are invited to an information evening on Wednesday 12th Feb. 6:30pm in the PE classroom. Please email Miss Harkin via info@ if you plan to attend. Thank you.


Year 8 have been busy creating colourful and creative fruit salads.


Keisha De Gouveia (10GLA) and her cheerleading team, Altitude Cheer, took part in the ICC Southern Competition in Guildford this weekend. The team won 1st place in the overall division in their level. Well done to Keisha and her team.


Year 9 have been examining enzymic browning and making beautiful fruit salads using the newly learned bridge and claw grip.


Year 9 impressed with a creative range of suffragette merchandise for their history homework.


All Year 10 have a drop down session Periods 1 and 2 on Wednesday 12th February. The Theme for the morning is 'Focusing on Forgiveness'. Regular lessons will return after break.


Lab in a Lorry, an interactive mobile Science Laboratory staffed by practising scientists and engineers, is coming to our school. The aim is to give students the opportunity to do experimental science in the way it actually happens; exploratory, informed by curiosity & intuition.


On Friday 14 Feb 25 students and 3 staff are travelling to the Saltzburger Sportwelt ski resort in the Austrian Alps. Professional ski instructors, Austrian food, ice skating, snowball fights and hot chocolate awaits.


House Mufti Day has raised a huge £568.95 for the Australian bush fires appeal. Well done students and staff for donating so generously.


Year 11 drama students went to see 'My Cousin Rachel'


Year 9 students and families please be reminded to attend Options Evening on Thursday 13th 6.00pm-7.00pm. Students will be given lots of advice to help them select their GCSE subjects.


Members of the cooking club enjoying 'Sugar Glass Sculpting'. We are still perfecting our sugar baskets!


A very informative evening on Adolescent Brain Development was held at school last week. The workshop was aimed at providing an insight and support in understanding how to meet the emotional needs of teenagers.


Fantastic response from students for our new enrichment club: Modern Foreign Languages Movies. Today students enjoyed watching Brave in French. Every Wednesday Madame Tonella will pick a different movie for students to enjoy whilst eating their lunch.


We are pleased to announce our Jack Petchey Regional Finalists are: Thomas Hall and Harry Munslow. Congratulations! The regional finals will take place on March 24th and we wish our students lots of luck.

Physical Education

What we will do:

The Twickenham School Physical Education Department will follow the whole school policy for curriculum provision. In addition to this, the PE department:

  • Build on prior learning in key stages 1 and 2 and expand on the basic physical skill base that has been set.
  • Introduce students to new sports and activities to broaden their knowledge of worldwide sport.
  • Introduce and teach each students theoretical aspects of the subject to give them an understanding how the body works, moves and can be trained within sport.
  • encourage all students to consider further study of science and entry to scientific careers post-16 and beyond
  • develop students’ enjoyment of physical activity and sport and attempt to develop fit, health and active adults.

Key Stage 3

Students will be taught predominately in single sex, ability groups and be taught by the same gender.

  • This will enable students (especially girls) to be more confident in their performance.
  • It will stop any physical gender imbalance.
  • Students relate better to a member of staff of the same sex and the specialism for the sports/activities that they will be covering.
  • Increase enjoyment in PE.

Curriculum and topics are ordered on the basis of available facilities and equal share of these throughout the year.

Different activities are timetable in to comply with the season and nature of the sport (winter/summer sport) as well as linking with the school extracurricular timetable and Richmond Borough competitions.

All topics and activities feed and are preparation for GCSE Physical Education practical activities that will be delivered to students take up the subject.

Year 7

Teaching will include the core basic fundamental skills needed for each sport, while introducing rules and small sided/conditioned competitive game play.

Year 8

Teaching will include the recap on year 7 practices and include more complex skills, with a focus of implementation into competitive game situations and working as a team. Student leadership and coaching is introduced with small roles and responsibilities through each activity topic like leading warm ups, small group activities.

Year 9

Focus of year 9 is on game play and leadership. Students will undertake, where possible, full sided/ruled games and learn about how to play competitively.

They will also be given the responsibility to coach and lead peers in this situation.

Links with the Richmond School Sports Partnership means that as a department KS1 & 2 students are offered chances to take part in activities and competitions at Twickenham School. Students are used as leaders and coaches in these situation to support the running of these events.

Key Stage 4

Core PE

Students are divided in to single sex classes and 1 GSCE PE class per half of the year group.

Core PE classes follow more recreational and student lead activities that will add in friendly competition and enjoyment of sport. Outside agencies and coaches will be used to deliver some specialist sessions throughout this key stage (e.g. yoga).

GCSE PE classes will follow a programme of activities that students will be taught and graded on for their GCSE grade. These sports encompass a variety of individual and team sports as well as winter and summer activities to cover the need and specialisms of the pupils.

These activities will be governed by season and facility availability.

Teachers will swap groups during the year to ensure GCSE PE students have subject specialist teachers for each sport.

GCSE Physical Education (9-1) – Edexcel

They will follow the below topic units.

In Year 10, students will complete Paper 1 content and the Personal Exercise Plan (coursework element).

In Year 11, students will complete all Paper 2 content.

All content teaching will be completed by Christmas of Year 11 when the focus will turn to recap, exam practice & revision as well as preparation for External Practical Moderation (March/April).