School priorities 2023-24

Twickenham School strategic intent

To ensure we are a school of excellence, improving the life chances of all our students by delivering the highest standard and quality of education whilst creating a culture of care and support.

Our Curriculum supports our motto: Aspire, Achieve, Enjoy. A culture of high expectations for all which cultivates a love of learning and ambition for success. We create and empower successful lifelong learners who believe they can achieve, whilst building their cultural capital; inspiring and enabling them to make a lasting and positive contribution to future societies worldwide.

How do we do this?

Each year Twickenham School reviews and updates its key priorities within its wider school development plan. Our key priorities for the 2023 - 2024 academic year are:

Priority 1:  To promote a culture of active learning through quality first teaching so that all students make exceptional progress.  
Priority 2: To deliver an ambitious and inclusive curriculum so that all students become confident and aspirational, regardless of starting points
Priority 3: To nurture an ethos of leadership at all levels, ensuring that every member of our community contributes to the success of the school. 


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