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We sadly say goodbye to our fabulous Chef Graham who is leaving us to embark on a fantastic and exciting venture. Thankyou Graham and we wish you well 👋👨‍🍳 ⁦


Huge thanks to Paula ⁦⁦⁦ who had a long queue of TS staff eagerly queuing up for a well deserved tea break organised by the wonderful PTA and generous parents. THANKYOU! ⁦


What a fabulous tea break we had today! ⁦


More happy TS staff enjoying their tea, coffee and cakes. Thank you parents and wonderful PTA and Paula from ⁦⁩ ☕️🧁 ⁦


What a lovely surprise TS staff were treated to today from our wonderful parents. Gorgeous teas and coffees and yummy cakes. Thankyou for your generous treat ⁦⁦


⁩ kindly mentioned Twickenham School and Ms Ruse in her newsletter. It is always a pleasure to see her at TS and many thanks for your support on the judging panel. ⁦⁩ ⁦


Help is always at hand at TS, as shown by some wonderful Year 9 students who taught some Year 7s the colours in French during lunchtime today 🌈. Merci beaucoup et bravo! 👏 ⁦


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Checklist for : 1/ Spend at least 30 mins a day doing something I love 2/ Set clear boundaries with work/study 3/ Check in with someone close to me 4/ Journal for 5-10 mins three times a week 5/ Explore my nearest green space


Lovely messages of thanks and support keep coming in - “Thank you for the 5 years, for all your dedication and hard work”. Team Twickenham making us proud! It is down to our amazing students and school community. Thank you TS families.


Year 11 students developing field sketching as a qualitative data technique today in school. Impressive skills everyone 👏 ⁦


Posters created and presented by Y10 students in science today. Wonderful to see so much detail 🧪 ⁦


Another lovely parent message: “Alfie is the series leader in the Bridgestone Nationals...and he also won the first round of the British championship. Thank you for your support.” We are proud to celebrate our student successes! ⁦⁦


We love receiving messages from parents that make us proud to be part of the TS family. Here is a lovely one we received this week: “Thank you for your continued support. *** has thrived and grown throughout his time with you”


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students proud to be graduating yesterday. Challenging ourselves and persevering is the key to success!


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A quick game of dodgeball after the Year 10 mock exams!


students proud to be graduating yesterday. Challenging ourselves and persevering is the key to success!


Ms Ruse was delighted to receive good news today! Twickenham School pupil Sam Newbold has been accepted to do a 4 year engineering apprenticeship with ⁦⁩ Teddington. Congratulations Sam 👏 ⁦ l#proudteachers


Very impressive balancing from our Year 9 girls. No signs of wobbling!


Science lessons at Twickenham School always bring out a smile!


Year 10 students have been studying light diffraction using diffraction glasses kindly gifted by 🕶. ⁦

Key Stage 3 curriculum

 We believe in traditional values such as respect for all, perseverance, dedication, integrity, empathy and responsibility.  We aim to ensure that all members of our community experience trusting and caring relationships with each other to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our staff and students work together to aspire, achieve and enjoy the opportunities our school gives us and the strength of being part of a community.

Twickenham School believes by collaboration we can all become stronger. We are united in our aim to ensure that our students know they are safe, valued and supported whilst at the same time being challenged to achieve their best at all times.

Our students are supported and encouraged to grow in confidence and self-belief. If students are to become leaders of their own learning they must keep an open mind, enjoy hard work, and be curious about the world in which they live. Students will be stretched in their lessons to take risks, take on new learning challenges and develop creativity. They will achieve their aspirations through high standards of teaching, learning and leadership. 

Our Vision

  • Students to be confident, successful and lifelong learners
  • Students to develop creativity, resourcefulness and resilience
  • The school to be driven and united towards continuous self and school improvement
  • The school to attract, nurture and retain high quality staff
  • Students, staff and parents to be proud to contribute positively to the school and the wider community


    The aim of the Twickenham School curriculum is to develop confident, successful students who have a love of learning that will continue throughout their lives. We have built a broad and balanced curriculum that provides the knowledge and understanding for our students to meet our high expectations. Through our curriculum we aim to generate a sense of wonder; encouraging our teachers to excite and innovate. We want students to be educated and empowered citizens prepared for the next stage of education or employment.


    To develop ‘confident, successful and lifelong learners’ we will keep learning as the main focus in every aspect of our school life.

Lessons that excite and innovate

  • A broad and balanced curriculum that allows students to explore as they grow
  • Specialist teaching that focuses on understanding and memory
  • A personalised curriculum that only narrows when students are ready to make important decisions
  • A flexible approach when necessary catering for all abilities


Leadership at all levels

  • Values driven leadership both inside and outside the classroom
  • Students exposed to the ‘Leader in me’ programme
  • Professional development of all staff is a priority

High expectations leading to Academic Success

  • Challenging content and delivery encouraging students to ‘Think Hard’
  • Rigorous assessment process that both supports and challenges students
  • A curriculum designed to build on prior learning that develops excellence in the subject areas
  • Advice and guidance at every step to support all students
  • Reading, Literacy and Numeracy are prioritised from entry

Enrichment experiences

  • An extensive extra-curricular programme
  • A variety of extra- curricular trips, concerts, performances, and sports that allow students to express themselves outside of the classroom
  • Lessons that stimulate curiosity and generate interest

Learning journeys

  • All subjects have mapped the curriculum across the year to support students with the knowledge and skills appropriate at each stage
  • Careers advice and guidance support students develop the link between learning and the future
  • Students are encouraged to believe in their abilities and discover motivation based on future success

Key Stage 3

All our students begin with a suite of Mathematics, English, Science, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Personal Development & Citizenship, Drama, Art, Music, History, Geography, Languages, Design and Technology, Food and Nutrition and Computer Science. We strive to develop a love of learning and expose students to a diverse set of subjects.

In Year 9 students begin to consider their pathways with the help of our careers team and through the options process.  We offer a wide variety of subjects at GCSE and students have the ability to choose from:

Art, Photography, Drama, Music, Design and Technology, Food and Nutrition, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Computer Science, French, German, Physical Education.

We encourage the EBacc suite and have made plans to move towards the Government ambition.

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