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The Twickenham School English Department follows the whole school policy for curriculum provision. In addition to this, the English department will also:

  • build on prior learning in key stages 1 and 2 in order to develop a life-long enthusiasm for English
  • encourage all students to consider further study of English and entry to English related careers post-16 and beyond
  • develop students’ interest in English in the wider world through activities such as school visits, clubs and competitions.

The English curriculum is based on our aims to ensure students are exposed to a wide variety of literature and develop and practice their skills in reading and writing.  It is our intention to ensure that students have had every opportunity to develop as confident communicators with knowledge of a diverse range of texts both contemporary and from the literary tradition.

Our curriculum is spirally sequenced so that students revisit and build key skills in reading and writing as they progress from KS3 to KS4.  In each year, students study poetry, drama and a prose text, plus a Shakespeare text in addition to creative writing and non-fiction reading and writing.  We place emphasis on speaking and listening as an essential element of our curriculum and work with the Jack Petchey Speak Out competition in Year 10 in preparation for the Spoken Language Endorsement at GCSE.At KS3 and KS4 all students are taught in mixed ability classes and follow the topics outlined on the curriculum sequence document. The units at KS3 build students’ skills, knowledge and subject terminology in preparation for KS4. 

Implementation - curriculum sequence

Year Autumn Autumn HT2 Spring HT1 Spring HT2 Summer HT1 Summer HT2
7 ORIGINS: Mythology - The Odyssey ORIGINS: Poetry about Places IDENTITY: Trash - Modern novel  IDENTITY: Pygmalion - Victorian play text DILEMMAS & DISASTERS: Non-Fiction - Biographies (Anthology), Newspaper Articles, Literary Journalism DILEMMAS & DISASTERS: A Midsummer Nights Dream - Shakespeare, Play text
8 A FEARFUL WORLD: A Wrinkle in Time - Modern novel A FEARFUL WORLD: Dracula -Victorian play text Gothic horror VISIONARIES: Romantics - Romantic Poetry VISIONARIES: Speeches - Non-fiction


MYTHS & MAGIC: The Tempest - Shakespeare Play Text


MYTHS & MAGIC: Medusa - Modern Novel

9 SECRETS: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time -Modern play SECRETS: Macbeth


TRUTH TELLERS: The Hate U Give - Modern novel


TRUTH TELLERS: Non-Fiction - Biographies / Articles / Speeches (Anthology)

DISTURBED MINDS: A Christmas Carol - Victorian Novel DISTURBED MINDS: Poetry -Contemporary poetry Classical poetry
10 Modern texts - 20th century play/drama  An Inspector Calls Introduction to Language Paper 1 - Creative Writing  One fiction extract + 4 questions and a creative writing task Introduction to Poetry: 1789 to present day: Poetry anthology - Love & Relationships or Power and Conflict Language Paper 2 Reading  Revise AIC and PA as well Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet Language Paper 2 Writing & Spoken Language.  Non-fiction writing, including speeches, leading to.... Speaking and Listening exam to be completed in class
11 Language Paper 2, An Inspector Calls & Poetry Anthology and Unseen C19th Literature - A Christmas Carol Revision Revision Revision  


All students study both AQA GCSE English Language and Literature in KS4. The specification can be found here:


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