Subject Information


Computer Science

“Everyone should learn how to code, it teaches you how to think.” - Steve Jobs


Computer Science is an essential course for anyone who wants to understand the enormous importance of computing in the world, today and in the future. At Twickenham School you will gain an understanding of some of the most important concepts in the modern world, including algorithms, data handling, cyber security and systems architecture, as well as developing computer programming and problem-solving skills.

Implementation - curriculum sequence

Year  Autum HT1 Autumn HT2 Spring HT1 Spring HT2 Summer HT1 Summer HT2
7 Modelling Data - Excel Modelling Data - Excel Computer Hardware 1 Introduction to HTML Programming 1 SCRATCH Programming 2 - Introduction to Python
8 Computer Hardware - 2 Computer Hardware - 2 My Digital World - Safety Online My Digital World - Safety Online HTML 2 HTML 2
9 Data Representation 1 - Binary Data Representation 2 - Sound, Images and Characters Computer Networks Computer Networks Programming in Python 2 Programming in Python 2
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