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Business Studies


Business is an option subject offered at GCSE. It makes a positive contribution to developing young people as individuals who participate in society, the economy and the environment. This subject allows students to have an understanding behind the decisions made by businesses, allowing them to become savvy consumers and think more objectively about the financial world. 

Students will cover a wide range of topics from the risks and rewards of starting a business to understanding the external influences impact on businesses.

Implementation - curriculum sequence

Year Autumn HT1 Autumn HT2 Spring HT1 Spring HT2 Summer HT1 Summer HT2

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Spotting an Opportunity

Putting a Business Idea into Practice

Putting a Business Idea into Practice

Making the Business Effective

Understanding External Influences

Growing the Business

Making Marketing Decisions


Making Operational Decisions

Making Financial Decisions

Making Human Resource Decisions





The Business Studies Department follows the Edexcel specification, which can be found here:

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